Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ordering Numbers

Day 1: Order 3-digit numbers

Prep: Print the first four pages of and cut into squares.

Lesson: Today we're going to solve number puzzles to answer some riddles. Review 3-digit numbers and place value. Make sure students understand that a two-digit number has a zero in the hundreds place and that the number in the hundreds place is the most important for determining the order of these numbers.

Divide students into three groups. Each group must put their number cards in order. Once all three groups have their number in order, have them switch and check the other group's work. (Or have them mix up and re-do each group, depending on time.) When the kids (and you) are satisfied that the numbers are in order, turn the cards over one at a time to reveal the secret messages.

Day 2: 6-digit numbers

Prep: Print first two pages of and cut into squares, or write your own 6-digit numbers on post-it notes.

Lesson: Review 6-digit numbers. Tape a 6-digit number card to each kid's forehead. Students must figure out what their 6-digit number is without looking. They can ask their classmates, but each classmate can only give them one digit of the number. For example, they could ask, "What number is in my thousands place?" (Suggest that they start with hundred thousands and work their way to ones since this will be the easiest way to remember the whole number.) Give each student an index card and a pencil so they can write down the digits of their number as they go. Once they think they have the number, they can ask you and receive a treat (and a new number) if they're correct. If there is extra time, have the students order themselves least to greatest according to their numbers. (They may take the numbers off their foreheads for this part.) Keep the number cards so this may be done as a time-filler activity on Day 3 or 4 if necessary.

Day 3: Really Big Number Match

Prep: Cut numbers and number words into strips and put them in a basket or box.

Lesson: Review 6-digit numbers. Have each student pull a strip of paper from the bag, then find their partner (the number word and number that match). Put all the paper strips back into the bag and start all over to see if they can beat their record. Finish the lesson by having the student pairs put themselves in order, least to greatest, or in groups, even and odd.

Day 4: Find the Mystery Numbers

Prep: Print the first page of Tell the students that we're going to do mystery numbers today and then make mystery number puzzles to trick our parents. Work through the first puzzle on the mystery number worksheet with the students, then see if they can do the second and third in groups. Introduce the millions place. On the back of the students' worksheets, have them write a mystery number puzzle of their phone number to see if their parents can figure it out!

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