Monday, April 9, 2012

Adding and Subtracting 1, 10, and 100

Prep: Print a copy of the egg hunt questions and put each question into a plastic Easter egg. Hide the eggs around the room.

Introduce the topic by writing a 3-digit number (such as 462) on the board. Ask the students what number is more than your number, and write the answer above in another color. What number is one less than 462? Ask the same questions for 10 more/less and 100 more/less, explaining that we look in the tens column when adding or subtracting 10 and then hundreds column when adding or subtracting 100.

Repeat the instruction with more numbers as necessary. When the class seems comfortable with the concepts, give each student a copy of the egg hunt number list. Tell the students that there are eggs hidden around the room. Their job is to find as many of the eggs as they can and answer the questions inside. When they are finished with an egg, they must put the question back inside and hide the egg right where they found it. Demonstrate finding an egg, figuring out the answer ot the question, crossing off the answer on their number list, and re-hiding the egg. Students may work alone or in pairs. Challenge the students to find as many of the answers/eggs as possible.

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